Yes, my nails are 100% natural with no enhancements. I.e. gels or acrylics. These are the products I'm currently using as a part of my care routine:

My go-to products from Left to Right: Zoya's Remove +, DL Cuticle Remover, CND's Solar Oil, Qtica NNGS, Crystal file, Lush's Lemony Flutter

In sum, my basic manicure/nail routine consists of: 
  1. Removing all polish with Remove +
  2. Push back cuticles using Deborah Lippman's cuticle remover (or CND cuticle eraser).
  3. Moisturizing.
  4. Shape my nails with a crystal file. 
  5. If I want to start another mani, I prep with another swipe of Remove + to remove oil. 
  6. Apply base coat, base color and top coat. (Qtica NNGS can be worn as a base coat).
  7. Throughout the day and at night, I moisturize as needed. 
  8. I strictly adhere to the nail Golden Rule.  **Treat your nails as jewels NOT tools.
  9. I have been wearing polish everyday, 365 days/per year for the past 3 years. 
Please note that these products work well for me but may not work well for you.  If you have sensitivities or allergies, please check with the manufacturer or product packaging for ingredients listed. 

For a more in depth explanation of these products, please click here.