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BPS: Clear Jelly Stamper with Cap Nail Art Clear Silicone Nail Stamper Press Sample

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As a nail stamping enthusiast, I am happy to review for you the clear jelly stamper from Born Pretty Store.  The clear stamper is just as it sounds a see through stamp head for easy placement and aiming.  No more stamp mistakes and frustrations. 

Let's a take a look. This post is going to be picture heavy with also a short demo video. All stamping plates featured in this post are from Born Pretty Store (sold separately).  


2pcs/set Clear Jelly Stamper with Cap Nail Art Clear Silicone Marshmallow Nail Stamper & Scraper

Item No. #25560
Here's one full manicure using the clear jelly stamper: 

Zoya Daisy + Sinful Colors Black on Black
I was able aim the triangles in opposite directions. BPS Plate BP-17.

How to use?

Here's a pictorial quick demo of the clear jelly stamper in action: 

You can see the star pattern ready to aim.

Aiming onto my index finger. 

What Polishes Work Best?

I found that stamper worked well with regular polishes but performed better with stamping specific polishes. e.g. Konad Special Polish. However, I could not get the stamper to pick up white stamping polish. I'm not sure if it was the indoor air temperature that was drying it out too quickly or some other variables. I even tried washing it with dish soap thinking residue was affecting it.  Regardless, white polish would not pick up. 

I filmed a short video demonstrating the squishiness of the stamp head and how to use the clear jelly stamper. I'm using BPS BP-64 + Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Silver Sweep: 

Stamping Decals

Another advantage when using the clear jelly stamper is making stamping decals or reverse stamping. You can see where you've colored in the stamp as shown in this daisy design from plate BP-64.

Take your stamp and cover with clear coat. Let dry. Paint in with a color of your choice. I used a white nail art striper from Stripe Rite.

Let it all dry, squish down and stamp. The design should come off onto the nail. 

Apply clear coat and done. 

Final Thoughts?

Overall, I felt that Born Pretty Store's Clear Jelly Stamper is good for aiming small intricate designs or doing the double stamp where it did not reach.  Due to the length and high C-curve of my nails, this stamper did not have enough malleability or "give" to stamp full designs well. Anyone with a different nail length may yield better results. I will primarily use the clear jelly stamper for decals as I can see where I'm coloring in the design.

Also, there is a bit of a learning curve when using the clear jelly stamper. The images will not pick using an up-down motion but rather angle the stamper when picking up images. Otherwise, the image will not pickup. 

This set comes with a BPS plastic scraper and cap for the stamper. The scraper is flexible and not too rigid to allow for a good swipe of polish.  I also liked the replaceable cap for storage. This keeps pesky cat hair and fuzz off my stamper.

Remember clean the stamper with tape. Also, do not remove the clear stamper head from the holder. I learned the hard way that doing so damages it. :(    

I hope you found this post and video informative for your stamping needs. 

2pcs/set Clear Jelly Stamper with Cap Nail Art Clear Silicone Marshmallow Nail Stamper & Scraper

Item No. #25560. $2.99 USD

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