Monday, August 17, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Lace Flower Stamp Template BP-L020

Hello my dear readers! 

I hope you had a delightful weekend. How did you spend it? 

To continue my quest for more stamping plats, I have for review today another rectangular plate from Born Pretty Store. 

This Lace Flower Pattern Plate BP-L020: 

It comes packaged in this cute patterned cardboard sleeve. I love the detail on it. 

Item: #19375 
Dimensions: 12.5 cm X 6.5 cm
Image Dimensions: 2 cm X 1.5 cm

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Pretty Girl Dandelion Theme Nail Art Stamping Plate

Hello readers! 

As you may know, I've become very addicted to collecting stamping plates. 

I very much enjoy the latest releases of the Born Pretty Store plates.

My next review from Born Pretty Store is the Pretty Girl Dandelion stamping plate. 

Pretty Girl Dandelion Theme Nail Art Stamping Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP69

Diameter: 5.5 cm

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Divine Jesus Design 3D Nail Decoration Gold Studs

Hello everyone! 

How is week coming along? 

I hope that it is wonderful. 

Today I have for review from Born Pretty Store these Divine Jesus 3D Gold studs. 

Size: 6mm*9mm 
Quantity: 3Pcs

These gold studs come packaged in a resealable small pouch.