Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! 

I did some green St. Patrick's day manicures over the weekend. 

Mainly, I'm trying to use the images from the holiday themed set of Bundle Monster plates. That way I don't have to wait another year to try a different plate from that set.  I bought last fall I think? 

Here goes! 

Colors/Plates Used: 

OPI Did it on Them  Worse Polish Ever
Bundle Monster BM003
Fab Ur Nails FUN Plate 9
Fauxnad M71
Konad White (stamping)
MDU #48 Military Green (stamping)

I would have liked this manicure more if I hadn't used barf green as the base. I swear that green was the worse polish ever. Blech. I think that's Hello Kitty as a leprechaun. IDK. ?  

Colors/Plates Used: 

OPI Don't Mess with OPI
FaburNails FUN #4
Bundle Monster BMH05
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Go for Gold (stamping) 
MDU #48 Military Green (stamping)

Go for Gold is my new favorite stamping gold. I ought to get a back up before it is discontinued. The shamrock stamp is very hard to aim so I had to turn it into a stamp decal to place it right. It's also hard to swipe just right to get a crisp shamrock. It took a couple of tries to get just right.

Colors/Plates Used: 

Zoya Shawn 
Zoya Kerry 
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirl Wind White 
Stripe Rite Gold Striper 
Bundle Monster BMH04, BMH05, BM003
MDU #56 Spring Green (stamping)

I didn't like this one as much. I think the green was too dark and the clover stamp didn't fit. I used gold glitter to make it look like a half-moon. The middle nail is either a green beer or a Shamrock shake. You decide based off your drink of choice for St. Patrick's Day.

Okay I needed Snoopy again but this time I got a Woodstock stamp!!!!! YAY!

Colors/Plates Used: 

Wet N Wild Tree Hugger 
Fauxnad Plate CF01 
Bundle Monster BMH05
Fauxnad Plate M71
Faburnails FUN #4
Essie Good As Gold (stamping) 
Konad White (stamping) 
MDU #48 Military Green (stamping)

Here I got to practice with multiple stamping.  The shamrocks from Fauxnad plate M71 are the best ever. They stamp great and are easy to aim. The shamrock from plate BMH05 is hard to swipe since is large and shallow. I probably won't use it again. I tried several different polishes to see if it would stamp and that gold is the only polish that worked well. 

Snoopy and Woodstock are the best ever. 

I might have one more mani to add. 

This concludes my nonsensical post as I am quite tired and have a headache from all the acetone. 

Thanks for reading & Happy St. Patrick's Day!

**I'd also like to thank the beautiful clover growing in my back yard. :)

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