Friday, February 13, 2015

DIY Heart Nail Stencils

Hello everyone! 

I thought I would write a simple tutorial on how to make heart stencils out of tape. 

You can use these to create any cute nail art looks for Valentine's Day. All you need is some tape, scissors or a Heart hole punch! 

Let's get started! 

I had purchased some craft hole punches from Michael's Craft Store. I bought some other items for nail art that I have yet to experiment with.  I will also list below how easily to make a heart stencil without a hole punch.  

How to make a heart stencil using the craft punch. 

I like to use regular Scotch tape but it is too flimsy for the hole punch. The painter's tape is sturdy enough but the nail polish will bleed under the tape and not make a crisp design. Hmmm?? What to do? 


I combined them. Eureka! 


I have seen other tutorials where they used vinyl electrical tape, mailing labels or self-adhesive laminate. I haven't tried those but I'm sure they will work fine. 

How to make a half-heart using the tape stencil. 

First paint half your nail with opposite colors. For simplicity purposes, I'm doing black and white. Make sure to apply to quick dry top coat so the tape stencil does not pull up the polish. 

Paint over the stencil with the opposing colors. Remove tape stencil while the polish is still wet. 

Add another coat of top coat and you are done! 


Here's my manicure using the tape heart stencils. 

How to make heart stencil without a hole punch. 

Y'know how to cut out hearts by folding a piece of paper in half? You can do that with tape but it would get stuck together. So stick the tape to a piece of wax paper and you can cut out the heart. 

The tape will easily peel off the wax paper and not lose its tackiness. **Edit** I tried this technique with the hole punch and it wasn't sharp enough to punch through the wax paper and tape. That's why I used the painter's tape. 

Here's the heart stencil in action.


I hope you found this tutorial useful with your Valentine's Day manicures. 

These stencils are super easy to make with really cute results! 

So give it a try! 

Thanks for reading!

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