Saturday, February 14, 2015

Anti-Valentines Day Manicure

Happy Valentine's Day! 

To be honest, I'm kinda heart broken. 

Here's an anti-Valentine's Day manicure. 

**Warning: Graphic Content** 

Inspired by an Alex McQueen article I read where the models wore thorns on their nails for a runway show. This was before he died back in 2010. I did this manicure as one of the first nail art attempts. I took a picture but it came out really blurry.

 I used actual thorns cut form a rose bush and painted them black. They're glued on with Elmer's glue so they'll come off easily. Don't worry that's fake blood.  

Have a good day everyone! I'm off to go eat lots of chocolates. 

Thanks for reading!

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