Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maybelline Street Art: Blue Beats

Hi everyone! 

I picked up a few of these Maybelline Color Show Street Art matte glitters recently from CVS. I felt they were similar from the Sephora Formula X matte glitters but with a cheaper price tag. 

First up, Blue Beats. 

I layered Maybelline Blue Beats over China Glaze Pelican Grey. Blue Beats is a mix of large/small matte turquoise and black hexes with small turquoise shred glitters. The glitters were easy to disperse and no "fishing" for glitters. My index was one coat of glitter and I did a fading on my the rest of my nails (for the sake of easier removal).  I like this mix of glitters. I really wanted Sephora X Turbulent and this is a cheaper alternative. Sorry, Sephora.

This is my CVS haul. 

Out the Door Top Coat, Maybelline Wild At Heart, Green Graffiti, Nighttime Noise, & Blue Beats, Wet n' Wild Walking on Eggshells, and Rimmel Stay Matte 004 

See I did get a new quick dry top coat! 

I hope to swatch/wear the rest of these glitter top coats as well as have a review of the Out the Door Topcoat.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really want that dark blue one, we didn't get that in the UK. I've also got the red one, but not sure what to layer it over just yet. Really agree with you that the Maybellines are a great alternative to the Sephora ones

  2. I love the way this glitter gives life to the grey!

  3. Oh my! I really love this!! I may need to get these! <3


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