Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Illamasqua Baptiste

Hi everyone! 

I'm happy to announce I squashed a major lemming recently. 

I bought Illamasqua Baptiste! 

I don't have many polishes on my wishlist that I'm dying to have but Baptiste was one of the them.

O.o this polish is just ooooo

Photo taken under artificial light

Photo taken under artificial light

Photo taken in the morning sun

I then added holo stamping from Cheeky Plate C.


I have nothing more to say.


  1. I agree Baptiste is absolutely stunning - and I love the holo stamping over it!!

  2. Wow, simply love this, its the most STUNNING colour!

  3. I loved the color but then when I got down to where you added the holo stamp....PLOP, gorgeous.

  4. I can see why you wanted it so much – gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous stamping - love the holo touch.

  6. Wow! That color is worth getting put on ANYONE's wishlist! It is absolutely radiant in the sun too :)

    Love the stamping you mixed with it! Glad you shared this look in the link party <3


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