Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gelish Vitagel: Nail Break Repair

Today, I have a quick overview of Gelish Vitagel. 

Gelish Vitagel is an LED/UV cured product meant to help fortify weak, brittle nails or women looking to transition from acrylics to natural nails.  Vitagel comes in two different formulations: Strength or Recovery. Both formulas contain vitamins A, B5 & E.

This is a full-sized bottle of Recovery.

I've been using Gelish LED cured gel polishes for nail repairs for about a year now. Lately, my thumbnails have become problematic. They break and peel which wasn't a problem before. I'm not sure if I need a new nail treatment but I've been using Gelish as an overlay protect them. 

I've been really good about not breaking any nails until this happened.

I broke my pinkie nail on both sides. I don't even know how I did it!  Ouch! 

I knew it was a bad sign when all my favorite long-nail bloggers experienced nail breaks and went to nubs.  I decided to give Vitagel a try to help stabilize the nail breaks and to allow them to grow out.  I applied a small piece of silk wrap over the break and a couple of coats of Vitagel.  You can watch a video of me talking about my experiences with nail repairs using gel polish here.

I don't like wearing gel polish on all my nails. I think it makes them look bulky. This is two thin coats of Gelish Vitagel cured in my LED Sensational lamp. I apply regular polish over the Vitagel and I can do polish changes using regular remover as long as contact is brief or the gel will begin to degrade and lift up. Ideally, you should use non-acetone remover to remove polish if you're wearing a gel overlay. 
I'm going to see if I can get this to wear for three weeks to a month so that nasty break can grow out. It's going to take two months or more for it to grow out completely.  I'll post an update how well this wears. 

Helpful Links: 

How to apply Vitagel? 

Youtube has a lot of helpful tutorials. The official channel for Nail Harmony (Gelish) has a tutorial on how to apply Vitagel. Click here. Also, please check out more information on Nail Harmony site here.

Where to purchase Gelish Vitagel?

Gelish Vitagel can be purchased online through most nail/beauty eTailers or at Sally Beauty Supply. This product needs to be cured by a LED/UV lamp. I'd highly suggest you purchase a starter gel kit with a lamp, wipes, prep and cleanser. Most starter kits are $50-$150. It's a great investment. 

How to use Gelish to repair a broken nail?

Anna from Anna's Nail Art, Beauty & Travel on Youtube has several in-depth tutorials on how to use various gels and silk wraps for nail repairs. This is where I learned this technique. Please watch her tutorials. They are very useful. Click here

Also, Anna from Loodie Loodie Loodie has a helpful tutorial on nail repairs, click here.

How to remove gel polish? 

You can soak your nails in a bowl of 100% acetone or use the foil method.  First, remember to buff out the shine with a file or buffer then apply your acetone. Do not I repeat do not pick or try to pry off gel polish. It can cause your nail plate to come up with it. 

That's it. I hope I covered all the bases with using gel polish. I will keep you posted on my the wear test with Vitagel. 

If I didn't cover anything or have any questions, please email me. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Oh no :( RIP nail! I hope it works out for you!!

  2. Ouch, that looks awful and I hate it when I break my nails. Hope it grows out quickly!

  3. Ow. I hate when it breaks so close to the skin. I just chipped a perfectly square nail just as my favorite bloggers also chopped theirs to nubs. I guess IT is a sign! This sounds good, though. Might have to give it a try.

  4. Ouch! I always seem to end up with broken nails, and I have no idea how that even happened. I hope this holds and works for you! I love long nails on you!


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