Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Keroppi

Hi everyone! 

St. Parick's Day is coming up! I love doing St. Patrick's day nail art. I have so many green polishes. It's great to put them to use. 

Today, I have Keroppi inspired nail art. If you don't know Keroppi, he is the frog Sanrio character in the Hello Kitty-verse. 

There's some nice clover growing outside. I thought it would be a good background for these nail art photos. 

I was having a hard time deciding for what nail art I wanted to do last night until I came across this pack of gum.

Stamping Plates used: 

Fauxnad plate S6 - Keroppi 
Fauxnad plate HM71 - Large Clover 
Bunder Monster BM-003 - Small Clovers 

I started with a base of Essie's Navigate Her which is a soft light green. I then used fauxnad plate S6 and made stamping decals out of the Keroppi stamp. I colored in the eyes with a white striper and the green is Sally Hansen's Just in Lime! I was having a hard time finding the perfect frog green for Keroppi. I then added small clovers and a large clover on my pinkie. I did this manicure as a full manicure for today! So happy to wear it!
I hope you like it! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks for reading!


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