Monday, March 24, 2014

Cartoon Stamping Plate: CF01 Swatches & Review

Today, I have for review a new stamping plate I purchased with various cartoon characters. 

I used it a couple of weeks ago for my St. Patrick's day Snoopy nail art.

I found out about this plate when a Youtube nail artist was a having a giveaway of a similar cartoon fauxnad plate. I didn't want to try to enter but find it elsewhere online to purchase.  She does have it online to purchase from her store but it ships from Australia.  The one she was giving away has Stan from Southpark and a few other characters.  Luckily, I found plate CF01 for under $6 and it ships from Texas. 

Here's a stamp test for plate CF01.

Characters included: Winnie the Pooh, Pirate Hello Kitty, Bart Simpson, a Smurf, Betty Boop, a Pea Shooter (Plants vs. Zombies), Snoopy, Bubbles from PowerPuff Girls and a large Hello Kitty. I stamped this with a weird black polish from the Dollar Store. Bubbles' other pony tail does transfer. I just didn't stamp it right. 

I realized I stamped Winnie the Pooh upside down. Here's a close up of Pooh in a Superman suit! 

Also, fauxnad plates don't come with any type of backing and have sharp metal edges. I'd advise taping the back with masking tape to avoid cutting yourself. 

See no sharp edges and it's easier to pick up. 

Final Thoughts? 

Overall, I like this fauxnad plate. It has some really cute cartoon characters that I've been looking for in nail art such as Betty Boop and Snoopy.  I have plenty of Hello Kitty images but I liked the Pirate Kitty.  I didn't have any issues with the images picking up or transfering. All transferred cleanly.  My only criticism is that the Snoopy and large Hello Kitty are a little too large and would be difficult to fit onto nails.  They measure well over 1cm long by 1/2cm wide.  They would work better for thumbnails or toes.  If you're having a hard time fitting the larger image, simply transfer their faces instead whole image.  Also, Snoopy is holding a heart but it doesn't look like a heart but a huge blob. 

Also, I suggest using the stamping decals technique since these images are outlines of characters. 

I hope to have more nail art looks using this plate in the future especially using Betty Boop. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is magical! I need this plate <3333

  2. Ahh, too cute. My son would love the fact that "A Pooh" is on here! <3

  3. LOVE this plate! Too bad I'm the worst stamper ever haha

  4. Love the designs on this plate. It mostly contain my favorite characters. I wanna have this too =)


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