Saturday, March 22, 2014

Born Pretty Store: Punk Simple Spike Rivet Stud Review

Hi everyone!

My final review for this week from Born Pretty Store are these super awesome silver punk spike studs.  You can use these spikes to create any type of bad*** nail art of your choice! 

Let's take a look! 

I had to photograph the spikes at odd angles in order to see them.  If I photographed them straight on, you could not see the 3D spike effect. 

The silver spike rivets are small and measure 2-2.5mm in diameter.  Approximately 100 pieces come in a set. They are packaged in a small resealable baggie.

To apply: 
  • Apply a dot of top coat or nail glue. 
  • Using a toothpick or Tweezers, pick up the nail art piece. 
  • Place over where you placed the top coat or nail glue. 
  • Paint around the nail art piece not over with top coat for extra adhesion.
  • To remove, do not pick or pry the pieces off because that will damage your nail bed. To properly remove, saturate a cotton ball with remover and lay over the nail.  This will saturate under the nail art piece and then it can be removed easily. 
Final Thoughts? 

Yes, these spikes are a little dangerous!  So wear with caution! Some might say these are a bit impractical but with nail art anything goes.  At first, I thought the silver spikes were a little small but fit great onto my nail. My only complaint is that they were a little hard to pick up.  I had to put a bit of glue onto a toothpick to pick it up so I could place it.  I would like the larger size of spike studs to add more variety to a design. These nail art spikes come in different colors: gold, silver and grey silver.  There are also larger sizes. 


The 2.5mm-2mm Punk Simple Spike Rivet Stud UV Gel Nail Art Decoration (Item No. 10438) is available now for $4.33 USD per set on Born Pretty Store.

Please be sure to use code EUL91 for 10% off on your next purchase!

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Whoa those do look dangerous! Great mani!

  2. Cool nail art. I'd like to to try these!

  3. Those might poke an eye out!

  4. Super punk! I love it! Did they stay on well?

    1. They did. I put a little glue underneath and top coat around the stud. They stayed on well.

  5. This is uber cool - I'm definitely not going to pick a fight with you wearing those LOL


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