Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zoya Irresistible Collection: Swatches & Review

I purchased the Zoya Irresistible collection through the Earth Day exchange.  It's a set of shimmery metallic polishes when I first saw the swatches on Facebook, I had to have them all!  The other summer collection sets include the Stunning collection which is a set of creams as well as a summer Pixie Dust set.

Zoya Kerry.  Kerry is a gold foil metallic polish with wonderful coverage.  This was 2-coats with no topcoat.  Kerry is a tad more of golden rod yellow which makes this shade a bit more unique than other gold polishes. I really do enjoy gold/yellow polishes but I rarely get to wear them. 

Zoya Amy.  Amy is less of a tangerine orange and more a red orange.  My lighting and camera added a tint of yellow to it and I could not capture the color accurately.  Amy is very close to China Glaze's Riveting but Riveting is more of red and does not quite have the intense sparkle as Amy. 

Zoya  Amy vs. China Glaze Riveting

(outside shade shot)

Index & Middle:  Zoya Amy 
Ring & Pinkie: China Glaze Riveting

Close but not 100% dupes.  

Zoya Tinsley. Tinsley is a grapefruit pink with gold foil shimmer.  I thought it was really close to Hard Candy's Piece of Papaya but Tinsley has a hint more pink to it while Piece of Papaya leans a bit more red. 

Zoya Bobbi. Bobbi is hot pink magenta foil which reminds me of a polish Barbie would wear. I'd call this color Mattel pink. At first, I didn't like this color but it grew on me. This is also 2-coats total without any top coat. A close dupe would be Wet n Wild's Precious Petals from last year's chrome collection.

Zoya Hazel. Hazel is an icy blue foil polish with hints of gold and silver shimmer.  I thought it was close to Zoya's Crystal but with a better formula. Crystal was thin, slow drying and hard to get fully opaque.  Crystal has a bluer tint than Hazel.  **Sorry, I do not have comparison shot.  The formula for Hazel was very saturated and easy to get opaque within two coats. 

Zoya Rikki. According to the Zoya site, this polish color is described as a fern green metallic foil. I like the fact it's a more darker shade a green for the summer because you mainly see lime greens or grass greens in summer collections. Rikki is a very unique green and I can see myself wearing this for the fall or around Christmas time. Rikki like all the Irresistible colors was opaque in 2-coats and didn't need a top coat.

Final Thoughts & Availibility? 

The Zoya Irresistible collection is a great collection for the summer offering a variety of shimmery colors great for any mani or pedi. All the colors have an intense shine with great application and opacity. The colors were fully opaque in one or two coats. I has no issues with slow drying or smudging.

I felt that some of the colors were dupes for other colors in my collection but that's the downside to being a polish hoarder, colors start looking too similar after awhile.  My top picks are Kerry and Rikki. 

I purchased the Irresistible collection from

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  1. Beautiful, wish Kerry had been spelt Kerrie though!!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Your nails make me jealous!!

  3. Oh my! Your swatches are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely, agree with you that Rikki and Kerry are probably the top picks. Fab images as always :-)

  5. I need to get Amy to add to my orange collection :)


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