Sunday, May 19, 2013

Layla Softtouch swatches

I purchased and swatched these Layla Softtouch polishes awhile ago. I just never posted them. I found these in a half-off sale bin at a beauty supply store near my hair salon. I love half off sale bins. These Softtouch polishes dry to a semi-matte finish.

Layla Softouch 07 Queen Bourdeaux is a very dark saturated burgundy red that dries to a suede finish.  This was almost a one-coater.  If my pinkie looks weird here, it's because it's broken and being held together with gel polish.  

With top coat.

Layla Softouch 09 Aqua Zen is a matte turquoise creme.  I had no issues with the application for this polish.  It applied flawlessly.

With top coat. 

Layla Softouch 10 Turquoise Splash.  This is one of those mermaid colors similar to Zoya's Charla or Wet n Wild's Teal of Fortune except that it dries to a suede finish.  It sparkles very intensely yet it's subdued at the same time. 

With top coat. 

I thought if I added a coat of Essie's Kisses and Bisses to Aqua Splash to try to dupe RBL's Aqua Lily. 

Close enough! 


The Layla Softtouch polishes can found at or

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  1. Really close on that aqua lily try! Love these, that first one is HOT!


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