Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Icinig's Glitter removal jar + Quick Sand

I'll admit, I go to the mall a lot mainly out of boredom.  I went to Icing mainly because I like their polish removal jars.  Their polishes and makeup are buy one get one half off which is also a bonus.

Icing's Glitter Removal jar. It's 2oz of remover with little plastic scrubby teeth inside. The remover has acetone in it and smells just like bubblegum. It can be a little drying so I like to dump it out and add non-acetone remover or Zoya's Remove +. This is great for removing glitter or polishes with a lot of shimmer. Just a couple of twists and your nail is clean! Eventually, glitter/shimmer will settle in the bottom of the jar so I clean it out every one in awhile. This jar is great for bloggers that need to swatch many polishes at once. It also saves on cotton balls!

They also have their own line of textured polishes called "Quick Sand." 

Icinig's Quick Sand Tini Bikini. This is a berry toned textured polish with blue and pink multi-chromatic shimmer. It didn't show up as textured as I had hoped. To the touch, it was really textured but visually it looked to more of a gritty glitter. The second picture shows the textured effect the most.


I purchased the glitter removal jar for $4.50 and the Quick Sand polish for $7.50 in store at Icing and all Icing's products are buy one get one half off. I'd definitely recommend the glitter removal scrubby jar. It has many uses and helps save on cotton balls! 

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  1. The glitter removal jar looks a little scary! I didn't know that Icing now has texture polish. Very nice!

  2. Such a pretty polish! that removal jar looks great! x

  3. I like this! It's such a pretty colour, even if the textured effect isn't as strong as you'd hoped.


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