Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TIOT: Wet n Wild Confections of a Bake-aholic

Awhile back, I saw this display of Wet n' Wild glitters in round bottles with long stems to look like cake pops!  So I had to get one!  Upon further inspection, they look to be a re-release of the Be Jeweled polishes from the Coloricon line aka China Glaze Prismatic dupes.

Wet n Wild "Toppings" display in Walgreens.

I picked up Confections of a Bake-aholic. 

Wet n Wild Coloricon Confections of a Bake-aholic. Wow, what a lot to type out!  This glitter polish is a fine silver glitter with mulit-colored glitters throughout.  I thought this would be prettier on the nail but seems a little bland to me.  Sure it's shiny but it didn't have enough variety of glitters to make it POP!  I thought this would be a dupe to China Glaze's Polarized, it's not.  It's similar but not an exact dupe.

Here's how the Be Jeweled polishes look as a comparison:

Final thoughts?

If you missed out on last year's Coloricon Be Jeweled collection, definitely pick up a few of Wet n Wild's Toppers glitters.  I purchased this from Walgreens for $2.99 and the long stems and round bottles really make them fun and unique as well!  

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  1. Lookin' good! You're correct, the new versions aren't as sparkly as last year's. They're more pearly with less glitter, but still pretty.


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