Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful: Evanora's Nails

Last month, I saw "Oz the Great and Powerful," and one thing I always notice in movies is what the characters are wearing their nails!  I thought I would try to re-create Evanora's manicure after seeing it on Jilltastic Nail Design.

Here's my attempt: 

This manicure for as simple as it was took a long time to complete.

Base color Zoya Minka

The "claw" color Butter London's Jack the Lad

First I started with a Zoya's Minka as the base color and added a top coat.  I then used striping tape to block off the green to make the claw and painted in Butter London's Jack the Lad.  Looking at the movie stills, it's hard to tell if she's wearing black or a dark green.  I made the gold stripe using gold striping tape. 

Now if I wanted to do this over again, I would have made the claws wider by spacing the tape a little further apart.  Also, I probably should have painted in the gold stripe instead of the tape.  You can see where the ends meet at the point.  This was only visible in macro mode for the photographs and wasn't as apparent in person.  Some manicures looks better from afar vs. macro. 

Have you tried to recreate any movie nail looks?  

Did you see "Oz the Great and Powerful? How did you like it? 

Thanks for reading!


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