Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Milani Textured Cremes: Swatches & Review

Okay I will be the first to admit, that I did not like the textured polish trend going on in the nail world but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try the Milani Textured cremes.  Now, these are different from the glitter textured polishes because they have no shimmer or glitter but still dry to the textured finish.  The Milani Textured Cremes have 6 colors total in their collection.  I'm missing Shady Grey because it was sold out.

This post will be a little picture heavy because these were surprisingly easy to photograph.  As always, all photos are clickable to show detail:

Milani Agua Splash.  This is a vibrant aqua blue.  It applied a little thin at the first coat but was fully opaque by the second coat.  I had to make sure that my coats were even to get the even amount of texture these polishes or else it would leave a smooth spot. 

Milani Purple Streak.  This is a dark grape purple  The textured finish is more defined and looks more gritty with this darker color.  This was also two coats until fully opaque.  I might have applied too thick a coat with my index finger, that's why it looks less textured. 

Milani Yellow Mark.  Wow, seriously this gave me tan hands and freaked out my camera!  Yellow Mark is a bright canary yellow.  I thought that this would be the least flattering out of the set but of the textured finish.  I thought it would like cottage cheese but once it dried it was a very nice yellow.  I find that some yellows do not go well with my skin tone.   

Milani Spoiled in Fuchsia.  My photos are making it look a little more purple but this is a fuchsia with a tad more red.  This is probably my favorite out of the set. 

Milani Tainted in Red.  This is a red-orange but my camera is picking it up as orange.  This color is shockingly bright and my other favorite from this collection. 

Final Thoughts & Availability? 

Overall, I thought the textured look was really cool and unique and my boyfriend said it look like spray-in bed liner for your truck.  The formula on these was great and they were fully opaque in 2-coats.  The formula is still very workable although the wet polish itself is somewhat gritty.  I found that the thinner the coats the more textured it looked when it dried.  The drying time was average.  I thought it was completely dry but I'd ding it, however, it was easy to paint in and where I messed up was no longer noticeable.  I thought these would be difficult to remove because of the gritty texture but these removed easily like any creme polish. 

I purchased these from Walgreens for $4.49 each but can be found on Milani.com and other department store retailers that carry Milani products.

What do you think of the textured polish trend?

Have you tried any textured polishes? 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love the look of these, especially the teal, black, and yellow.

  2. The yellow and red/orange look AMAZING on you!


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