Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Hard Candy polishes (only 3)

I picked up some of the Hard Candy polishes from Wal-mart after seeing some swatches pop up on other nail pages. I don't live near a Wal-mart, in fact I despise that place...but I made a special trip for the sake of polish.


Hard Candy 657 Sweet Tooth. This is a light pink, blue and silver glitter mix in a sheer white creamy base. This polish is a rather sheer and the glitter might get lost if too many layers are added. I layered this over OPI's Barre my Soul (my manicure at the time). I was able to hide some of the visible nail line. This would look good over white. Sweet Tooth looks to be a dupe for Nails Inc. Sweets Away the Sprinkles collection.

Hardy Candy 664 Gummy Green.  Gummy Green is a pastel mint green with small black and silver glitter.  It applies sheer but it builds to fully opaque in two coats.  I added a top coat to smooth the glitter but it could have used another coat.  Also, Illamasqua & Deborah Lippman released a set polishes with black glitter in a sheer base.  Both collections include a pastel green.  So, pick up Gummy Green if you want to replicate the speckled look but not pay $14 or $18 respectively. 

Hard Candy 632 Piece of Papaya.  Now this is a yummy color!  It's one of those shimmery glass flecked polishes that I love so much.  Piece of Papaya is a shimmery orange with a hint of pink and intense gold shimmer.  None of the intensity of the gold shimmer was lost with subsequent coats. It's alsothe same shimmer found in the Zoya Sunshine 2011 summer release. 

Here's how Piece of Papaya compares to other shimmery orange polishes in my collection:

Index: Hard Candy Piece of Papaya 
Middle: Color Club Sparkle and Soar 
Ring: Zoya Rica 
Pinkie: China Glaze Riveting 

This is the remaining colors in the new Hard Candy release 45 colors total: 

Final thoughts & availability?

These new Hard Candy polishes are available only at Wal-mart and retail for $4 USD. At first glance, some of the colors are dupes for some high end more expensive polishes.

Overall, I'd recommend getting a few of these colors before they sell out. The formula on these were a little thick but workable. My only concern was that the base on some of the polishes was starting to separate and settle while it was still on the display. Nothing that a good shake couldn't fix.  I didn't buy a few more colors because of the separation issue.  

Did you pickup any of they new Hard Candy polishes? 

Which ones did you like? 

Thanks for reading!

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