Monday, March 25, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Heart Square Elliptic Round Hollow Stud Rhinestone

I have for review today some metallic 3D nail art pieces from Born Pretty Store.  There's 12 different types of pieces ranging in different sizes and are either gold, silver or black.

Item No. 4993

The varying shapes are: silver stars, gold hearts, small round studs, larger round studs, square studs, hollow circles, elliptical, and small black studs.  All are packaged in this rhinestone wheel and come with a good number of pieces in each slot. 

Here's a couple of different manicures I did using the pieces: 

Base color: My Navy Holo franken.

I'm a huge fan of stars.  I love star anything and collect any type of star nail art.  I was super excited to see that there were stars in this set.  I felt these particular stars were too large for nail art then 3D nail art is supposed to be blingy and over the top!  I added the square studs because I felt it need something more to go with the stars. 

Base color: Zoya's Kelly 

I simply added the gold studs at an angle to add some metallic sparkle but isn't so over the top as the previous manicure.  This look is more wearable for everyday wear.  

To apply: 
  • Apply a dot of top coat or nail glue. 
  • Using a toothpick, pick up the nail art piece. 
  • Place over where you placed the top coat or nail glue. 
  • Paint around the nail art piece not over with top coat for extra adhesion.
  • To remove, do not pick or pry the pieces off because that will damage your nail bed. To properly remove, saturate a cotton ball with remover and lay over the nail.  This will saturate under the nail art piece and then it can be removed easily. 
Final Thoughts & Availability? 

This set can be found on Born Pretty Store, item no. 4993 and sells for $4.89 with free worldwide shipping.  I liked the varied shapes in this set and I wanted to make a studded manicure without having to buy a set with a lot of square studs.  So pick up this set for the varied shapes and if you want to get into 3D nail art!

Please use code EUL91 for 10% off on your next purchase!

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