Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TIOT: Orly Rock-It

Try is on Tuesday is a weekly event where you pull an untried out of your stash and wear it! My current manicure for today is Orly Rock-It from their 2011 Mineral FX fall release. It was a HUGE lemming is mine when it was released but the in-store price was almost double of the regular price of Orlys. So I passed it up.  I bought this in a blog sale.

Orly Rock-It is a burgundy/purple glass flecked polish that color shifts to a gold hue at certain angles. The gold color shift is at the top corner of my nail and the regular base color is towards the bottom. In some lighting, it's leans more purple and berry toned. It had a very intense sparkle that is hard to capture on camera.

I'm trying to show more of the color shift here.  This was 3-coats total.

Orly Rock-It is no longer in stores obviously but can be found through eTailers like Transdesign, Head2ToeBeauty Amazon or Ebay, prices vary. 

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