Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shimmer Polish: Swatches & Review

I have for review today polishes from Shimmer Polish.  Shimmer Polish is an indie brand known for its fabulous glitter mixes.  Each polish is named after or inspired from the creator's close friends and family.  Each polish has a special significance to the creator, Cindy, you can read more about her personal philosophy here.

All swatches are not layered over any base color with no top coat.  Each polish is a fully opaque glitter polish.  All photos are taken in my lightbox.

Shimmer Polish Eva. Eva is a dark burgundy with silver and red micro shimmer in a jelly base. This was 2-coats total. It reminds me of Sally Hansen's Red Carpet but instead of red base; it's burgundy.

Shimmer Polish Mary. Mary has the similar burgundy berry toned base like Eva but has larger black hex glitter and smaller holographic glitters.

Shimmer Polish Cristina. Cristina is a mix of teal, green and purple microglitter in a light green jelly base. Though this applied sheer at the first coat, the color was very buildable until it was fully opaque. This took 3-coats until it was fully opaque. A very nice green mix to wear this time of year and especially St. Patrick's Day.      

Shimmer Polish Jasmine.  Jasmine is a colorful mix of gold, copper, red and blue glitters.  Jasmine is primarily aquamarine in a clear base.  This color is also very buildable despite not having a tinted base.

Shimmer Polish Sarah.  Sarah is turquoise glitter mix with blue, gold and purple hex glitters with turquoise mircroglitter.

Shimmer Polish Lucie.  Lucie is a mix of larger and smaller silver glitters with red glitter throughout.  This polish really reminded me of the winter and Christmas for some reason.  It made me wish it was Christmas all over again.  A very special polish. 

Shimmer Polish Trisha.  Trisha is a mix of orange microglitter with blue and gold hexes throughout.  A very nice mix for summer and it made me hate this dreary winter weather. 

Shimmer Polish Tracey.  Tracey is a yellow gold mix with varying sizes of gold glitter and holographic glitter bars and glitter.  I love bar glitter.  I'm not sure if the bar glitter captured well in this photo. 

Shimmer Polish Nichole.  Nichole is a red, silver and blue mix.  It has some silver holographic glitter in there as well.  This applied a little thinner than the other polishes.  This would benefit with a white or silver under color.  I felt this would be a good patriotic mix for 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday. 

Shimmer Polish Karen.  Karen is a lavender-pink mix with larger holographic hex glitters throughout.  I thought this polish would lean a bit more lavender on the nail but it leans a bit silver.  It might have looked differently with top coat. 

Shimmer Polish Leslie.  Leslie is a purple toned mix with blue hexes and smaller lavender glitter. If you are a purple fan like me, you will definitely need Leslie and Karen.

Shimmer Polish Jennifer.  Jennifer is an interesting mix of gold, copper, turquoise hex glitter with silver microglitter.  There was something very rustic about this mix that I can not describe.  I really liked this color combination of glitters. 

Final Thoughts? 

I chose to swatch these with no top coat because I wanted to show the true nature of the glitter mix. The base of each of the Shimmer Polish is well formulated to allow for even coverage and glitter disbursement. I felt that the polishes would have smoothed out nicely with top coat.

Overall, if you are a fan of glitter bombs definitely check out Shimmer Polish. Each polish offered a wide array of color choices with varying glitter shapes. My top picks are: Eva, Cristina, Lucie and Nichole (actually I loved them all). All colors are buildable to fully opaque within two to three coats or can be layered over a base color in a single coat. I didn't have to do more than three coats. For removal, I used one of those polish removal jars with the scrubby plastic teeth inside.


Shimmer Polish is available on Etsy and retails for $12 USD per full sized bottle.  She also does custom mixes for $15 USD.  Please be sure to fan Shimmer Polish on Facebook for any store updates and upcoming releases.

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