Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Crumpet's - DC - Day 27 - Inspired by You

The theme for today is a mani that is inspired by you.  Now, I wasn't too sure how to execute today's theme.  Is it things I like? Things that are a reflection of me?  I don't know. I'm rather boring in real life.

I thought I would do a lizard manicure as a reflection of my favorite animal and my blogger name:

The base is OPI's Just Spotted a Lizard which is a green to gold to blue duochrome.  This was most replicated color from 2012.  Everyone made a dupe after Chanel's 2011 release!  I stamped the leaf design from BM210 and the lizard if from BM15.  I liked this color combination.  I wish I could aim that lizard a little better.   

Please be sure to check out everyone else's lovely manicures! 

Thanks for reading!

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