Friday, January 18, 2013

The Crumpets DC - Day 18 - Oldest Untried

The theme for today is your oldest untried polish.  I hate to think of all my poor untrieds sitting in my helmer, I promise I will get to them someday...or re-home them.

I'd say my oldest untried is Essie's Limited Addiction from their 2010 fall release. 

Esssie's Limited Addiction.  I bought this in Nov. 2010.  This was included in a set of minis that included: Sew Psyched, Merino Cool and Little Brown Dress.  The reason why this polish is untried is because of its poor formula.  It's very slow drying and if you think it's dry, it's still dents and smudges.  Something very common with Essies.  Great colors, poor formula.  ::sad face::  I did apply a quick drying top coat which helped. 

Thanks for reading! 

Please check out everyone's untrieds!



  1. Too bad the formula is lacking, it is a gorgeous shade!!

  2. It's sad that is such a bad formula, because the color looks great on you.


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