Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Crumpet's DC - Day 16 - Color Opposites

The theme for today is color opposites. Color Opposites mean just that. If you look at the color wheel, it's colors across from each other. I chose orange and blue of today's color opposites manicure.

I wanted to try needle marbling which is painting a coat of colors and taking a dotting tool (or similar tool) and dragging it across the wet polish. I painted my nails with China Glaze's Peachy Keen as the base and let dry. I then did a coat of Peachy Keen and Frostbite on each side and dragged it across with a dotting tool.

It created this really cool marbleized look with no mess. The pinkie and ring finger are with the larger point which made a more zig zag look.

Colors used: China Glaze's Peachy Keen and Frostbite. 

**I realized that I've used a lot of China Glaze polishes for this challenge. I'm going to try to select different brands for the next few challenges. It's that China Glaze is my favorite brand and it's the one that I have the most colors of.

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