Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 Days of Color: Birthday collection & hand cream review

I have today swatches of 365 Days of Color upcoming birthday collection featuring color changing polishes as well as a review of one her hand creams.  The color changing polishes are made with a special pigment that turns them white when heat is introduced.  I tried my best to capture the color changes but running the heater in my apartment made the color shift more towards the warmer spectrum.

All photos were taken in my homemade lightbox with topcoat: 

365 Days of Color Glitter Princess. This is a small hex and square shaped glitter mix with blue, white, orange and turquoise glitter.  In cooler temperatures, the base color is pink.

Here I blasted it with my hair dryer and you can see it shifting back to pink. 

365 Days of Color Assort-Mint.  This is a pastel mint green with smaller green shimmer flakes.  If you click the photo to enlarge, you can see the flakes.  The nice thing about color shifting polishes is that a gradient effect can be achieved without sponging different polishes.  This is what Assort-Mint looks at room temperature. 

I stuck my fingers in the freezer to show it looks completely green at colder temperatures.  It's already starting to shift back to white. 

365 Days of Color Crazy in Love.  This one was the hardest to capture because it kept wanting to show mostly white but the base color is a pink in cooler temperatures.  This is a mix of turquoise, purple and fuchsia shred glitter. 

Here's how it looks warmer. 

365 Days of Color Ice Queen.  This was one of my favorites out of the bunch.  This is a blue shred glitter that's a light sky blue at room temperature. 

It was hard to capture the white color shift when warmed up. 

At this angle, the white base color is visible after it's been warmed up.

Final thoughts?

I've never worked with color changing polishes before except for one from Claire's.  It didn't really color shift.  I liked the gradient effect with Assort-Mint.  I'd say my two favorites were Assort-mint and Ice Queen.  Formula-wise these applied quite well with the exception of Assort-Mint.  I did get some dragging and patchiness but I think that was due to running my heater while swatching (not recommended).  

Also, these are sheer and can be layered over white to reduce the visible nail line and the color still changes with heat.  I tested this on a nail wheel. 

Sunny's Hand Cream

Sunny's Hand Cream in Bergamot ingredients listed on label (click photo to enlarge). Sunny added a line of hand creams to complement her cuticle balms and nail oils. I've tried her Miracle Balms and they are heavenly. We all know that moisturizing your hands and cuticles is paramount to overall nail health especially during these winter months. Sunny's Hand Cream is very rich and moisturizing and loaded with key ingredients to nourish your skin. It absorbs quickly leaving no oily residue. It does have a very slight gold shimmer.

Product shot. 

These are available in 2oz or 4oz tubs.  I'd definitely recommend either size as purse lotion for on-the-go moisturizing.


The color changing Birthday Collection releases on Friday, Jan. 4th. Please follow via 365 Days of Color via Facebook when these officially release her shop link can found here,

What do you think of color-changing polishes? 

How often do you moisturize your nails and cuticles throughout the day? 

Thanks for reading! 

**Product(s) in this review were sent to me for review for my honest opinion.  Post contains affiliate links.  Please see my Disclosure policy listed below for more information. 

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  1. Those polishes look lovely. C: I only got 3 colour changing ones. Blue/Teal Pink/Purple and Yellow/Orange. They change wonderfully and you can really see the difference, I even tried on paper und it worked, lol. They're from Justice, and they are the only ones that change colour that I have tried, but they only changed in sun light. So I don't think they'll change that this time of the year, lol.


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