Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Nail Art: recap

I've already posted these to Facebook but I thought I would expand further just in case anyone was interested in how I completed these manicures. As always, I wanted to do more Halloween nail art and feel like I didn't do enough. There's always next year right?

First up, my 3D metal skulls and chains manicure. 

I entered this manicure in the Halloween nail art contest hosted by

I bought the 3D metal skulls from Etsy and the thin chain was necklace chain from Michael's craft store.  I do have smaller chains than that.  I cut it up with scissors and placed in on my nail.  The cobweb stamp is from fauxnad plate T13H and I added rhinestones to the centers. 

The colors I used were: 

China Glaze Stone Cold, Milani Silver Dazzle, Wet n Wild Tangled in my Web. All 1-coat of each.

Here's a shot of all three colors layered.

I made it matte with Essie's Matte About You. 

For the record, this was the glue I used to temporarily adhere the pieces: 

Essentially this is Elmer's glue. It dries clear. It allowed me to temporarily adhere the pieces for the photo shoot and easily take them off using warm water.  I wore this as the base coat and peeled all the layers off.  If I wanted to wear the 3D pieces as a full manicure, I would use nail glue to adhere them and then the pieces can be soaked off with acetone.  3D nail art isn't really annoying to wear; I've worn beaded chain before.  It's just a matter of preference.

The finished product! I won third place (honorable mention). 

For the haters out there, this was for a Halloween nail art contest and I stress Halloween Nail Art Contest!  It's meant to be over the top.  It's not meant for everyday wear.  I'm always trying to think outside the box with my nail art.

Second, Sugar Skulls for El Día de Los Muertos: 

The base is Milani's White on the Spot.  I painted the faces with acrylic paint using the smallest dotting tool.  I used a toothpick on the first one and it was hard to maneuver.  The dotting tool worked much better.  I used fimo flowers for the eyes and rhinestones for the pupils.  The rose is a water decal.  I made the gold cross using microbeads (from Michael's craft store as well).  I also used my Migi nail art pens for the smaller details.  Again, I used PVA glue so I could easily peel off the flowers.    

I really liked how this turned out.  I feel that my pinkie turned out the best. 

Third, my neon spiderweb mani I wore on Halloween day: 

My left hand.

My right hand.

The base is again Milani White on the Spot which is becoming my new favorite white since Sally Hansen's Whirlwind White is now discontinued!  I did a splatter using a small straw and the Sinful Colors neons.  I stamped cobwebs from plate T13H and BM13.  The skull is from QA5.  I placed purple rhinestones in the centers.  

Here's the splatter mani before stamping.  Sorry I can't get neon yellow to capture under artificial lights.

I really liked this manicure and still wearing it today.  I'm going to be sad to take if off.  

I hope everyone had a splendid Halloween! 

I can't wait to tackle more holiday nail art! 

Thank for reading!    

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