Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Try it on Tuesday: The Nail Junkie's Candy Corn

My Try it on Tuesday polish for today is the only indie Halloween polish I purchased this season.  It's Candy Corn by the Nail Junkie which can be purchased here.

The Nail Junkie's Candy Corn layered over white. This is a white jelly creme base with small matte orange and yellow hex glitter. The glitter applied evenly within 2-coats seen here with top coat. This polish is can be worn alone but sometimes when I use many layers, it looks too thick. Also, please excuse the rogue yellow glitter hanging off my pinkie nail!

Also, she includes a small gift with each purchase: 

A nicely written card (with my name spelled correctly!), a cuticle balm, candy and some felt to help remove the glitter.

Overall, I really liked this glitter mix and I really like glitters with white creme bases. Candy Corn is still available at the Nail Junkie's shop so definitely pick this up for the fall season.

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