Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Try it on Tuesday: Color Club Take Wing collection

Try it on Tuesday is a weekly event where you pull out an untried polish out of your collection and try it on!  I have the Take Wing Collection from Color Club from this year's spring release.  I got these as a birthday gift back in July and swatched them awhile ago.

The Take Wing collection was a set of sparkly, glass flecked jellies with a slight duochrome effect.  All photos are taken in direct and indirect sun. 

From L to R: Color Club Daisy Does it, Sparkle and Soar, Wing Fling, Fly with Me, Metamorphosis, Sky High. 

Color Club Daisy Does it.  It is a sunny yellow with a tinge of green duochrome at extreme angles.  This one took the most coats to get opaque.  I think it was four or five to fully cover the VNL.  Daisy Does it is really similar to China Glaze's Lighthouse but Lighthouse doesn't have the slight green tinge. 

Color Club Sparkle and Soar.  This is tangerine orange with gold glass flecks.  Basically, it's Claire's Little Dipper in a Color Club bottle. 

Color Club Wing Fling.  This is taken at night with flash.  Wing Fling is a fuchsia with a slight hint of gold and orange at certain angles.  This color is rather 80s/90s reminds me of colors I wore when I was a kid.  I do not like.

Color Club Fly with Me.  A light green yellow.  I do not prefer to wear this shade of green as a full color.  It can be really hard to coordinate with your outfit unless you wear lime green all the time.  I prefer to sponge with colors like these for nail art. 

On a sad note, my first bottle broke in transit. Sadness.

Color Club Metamorphosis.  The Claire's equivalent to Drops of Jupiter.  A fabulous teal with a hint of pink shimmer at certain angles.  Layering this over black really brings out the duochrome effect.  

Color Club Sky High.  A metallic icy blue with hints of pink.  You can see the pink at the corners.  This did stain my nails blue so double up a base coat if you wear this one.

If you can't find the Color Club colors, these colors can be found as the Claire's Starstruck collection for a couple dollars more per bottle which the exception of the Daisy Does it.  The Claire's polishes say Art Club on the back which manufactures Color Club colors. 

From L to R: Claire's Little Dipper, Color Club Sparkle and Soar, Color Club Metamorphosis and Claire's Drops of Jupiter. 

Overall, I really like this collection.  The colors were really great and had a lot depth and sparkle to them. All colors applied nicely and dried quickly even though they required more than average amount of coats.  The great thing about glass fleck polishes is that you can use them to make gradients that can add a lot to your manicure with minimal effort.  

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow how funny that those are dupes of Claires colors. None of these colors are really me, but I do love a nice glass fleck for layering. I guess that leaves them in the 'if I find them for a good price' category.


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