Monday, September 10, 2012

How to add length to a broken nail without a fake nail?

In late June, I got a tear on the pinkie of my right hand and I had kept it wrapped using the ASP Lightless gel kit. Sorry, I don't have photo of it wrapped. Last week, I wanted to soak off the wrap and re-wrap the nail. Unfortunately, I went to pull off the foil wrap and the nail broke off.

The arrow indicates where the tear was originally and as you can see it grew out quite a bit. Please excuse the stained nails, I need lemon treatment.  So, I do not want uneven nails, I can either: A.) Cut them down, B.) Cover it with a fake nail or C.) Build a structure nail.  I've been wanting to try this super helpful tutorial from Japan Nails and More!

Basically, she's using a silk wrap to add length and reinforcing it on my both sides with resin.  Again here's the supplies she used.  All supplies can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply or other nail supply retailers:

From L to R: Supernail Swiss Silk wrap or Fiber Glass wraps, IBD gel resin, ASP Nail Prep Dehydrator, and 4-sided buffer. 

ASP Lightless gel kit, yellow buffer and ASP Miracle Shine Block. 

I watched her tutorial three times to make sure I did it right!  Here's the result: 

The nail is very sturdy but I avoid typing with it just in case.  This is what it looks like painted: 

I'm wearing Pure Ice Silver Mercedes.  I chose a chrome because chromes tend to show every imperfection on the nail and the wrap is very well disguised.  I later trimmed down the other nails down for the pinkie to blend in better.  I've been wearing this for over a week and I can see the pinkie is growing out.  Also, I'd like to write a quick overview of some frequently asked questions readers may have.   

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1.) Won't this damage your nail? Will it break off? 
I'd say no.  This isn't any different from wearing a silk wrap.  It won't break since I did a full nail wrap starting near my cuticle.  The only way it will break is if I suffered some upward mechanical trauma which is highly unlikely.

2.) How do you remove it?
First, trim or file down the added length being careful not to trim your natural nail.  Soak a cotton ball in 100% acetone and wrap your nail in foil.  The wrap and resin should soak off in about 20 minutes, if it's not completely off then re-wrap you nail for a few more minutes.  Don't try to pick or pry at the wrap.  It's improper removal is what causes nail damage.  Please be sure to apply Vaseline or a thick lotion before and after! 

3.) Can it withstand normal polish changes? 
I would avoid wearing chunky glitters or glitter in general since the resin will break down with exposure to remover.  It can withstand brief contact with acetone.  Also, I use lint free wipes to remove polish from nails that are patched/wrapped.  Cotton balls or rounds can leave fibers.  These can also be found at Sally's in the acrylic/gel nail section. 

4.) Why don't you just trim your nails down like a normal person? 
Because I like long nails!  I would have filed them all down but the break was so short.  I didn't want to go that short!  It'll grow out in about a month. 

5.) Where can I find the supplies again?  
All supplies are in the nail section of Sally's Beauty Supply.  Approximate cost is $40 but you can get multiple applications out of the kit and wraps.  There's also online nail supply eTailers like Head to Toe Beauty and Transdesign.  

6.) Can I use the resin without the spray?
No. The spray cures the resin. The ASP resin won't air dry, however, the IBD gel resin will. 

Final Thoughts?

I know her tutorial was long but it was very thorough.  This process may seem complicated but it simply involves placing the silk wrap on your nail, applying resin to both sides and buffing it down.  Again, if you are nervous about trying this tutorial then do what you are comfortable with. 

What do you do when you have a nail break? 

Did you ever try to disguise it? 

Thanks for reading.

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