Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Artsy Weds: Patterns

This week's theme is patterns which I don't think I got quite right this week.  I wanted an abstract triangle pattern:

The base is China Glaze's 2NITE and I blocked off the other colors with striping tape.  The black is Rimmel's Black Satin and the other color is a blue-purple holo franken I made.  I liked the crisp lines the striping tape made! 

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Your lines are very crisp! Do you wait for the polish to dry before removing the tape?

  2. Yay tape mani! I love tape manis, and this looks fab :) The purple-blue franken looks gorgeous, might have to try frankening one of my own...

  3. This reminds me of patchwork denim for some reason...I love your Franken!

  4. very nice! Love that holo blue shade :D

  5. I love your franken. It's beautiful


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