Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Neons

The theme this week is neons!  I love neon colors because they're BRIGHT!  Some people complain that it reminds them of the 80s but seriously what's not to love about the 80s!

American Apparel Neon Orange. I found this is the $1 sale bin and it's now discontinued. It's a phosphorescent neon orange. It gives me some serious tan hands!  It's the color of fake cheese in cheap macaroni & cheese dinners.

I then layered Pretty & Polished Phoenix over it.  Phoenix is a matte yellow glitter polish with red hex and circle glitter.  This was two coats. 

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  1. I love this cheesy manicure...I almost went with a similar shade from cherimoya named comedy lol we always do that :) & ur right I LOVE the 80s

  2. It's a gorgeous neon orange - and with the glitter it makes me think of Halloween LOL

  3. Great layering combination. I feel like mac and cheese now! :P

  4. Mmm, fake cheese. I really like the glitter on top!


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