Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Galaxy Nails

Okay, there's one thing (of many) that I will never get to do in life is go to outer space! As much as I would like to and as much as I fantasize about it, I will never get to go! My momma told me never say never well I will never get to leave earth (except for when I die).  Unless, I become some billionaire that can afford space travel.

In the meantime, I can paint my interpretation of galaxies on the world's smallest canvas, my nails: 

I wanted to each nail to be slightly different.  The base is Wet n Wild's Blue Moon because I wanted a color name to tie in the the theme.  The rest of the colors are what I grabbed out of my Helmer that I thought will work and I don't feel like listing all the names.  I used an eyeshadow applicator sponge to sponge on the colors.  I topped it off with a coat of China Glaze's Fairy Dust because ALL galaxy nails NEED fairy dust. 

Here's a blurry shot to showcase the rainbow goodness: 

Do you have China Glaze's Fairy Dust in your collection?  If not, you NEED it! 

Do you dream about going to outer space too? 

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Very, very gorgeous galaxy nails, well done!

  2. I love the red in there. I'm seeing all these different takes on galaxy nails. I love this one soooo much. Nice work!

  3. These are absolutely amazing galaxy nails! And Fairy Dust is the perfect topper for them =)

  4. These are so cool! You do amazing work!

  5. Wow, love your galaxy nails! I've attempted it once too, but they're not even half as good as yours! Amazing!!


  6. Very pretty! I think the index finger is my favourite :)

  7. Fairy dust is the Bacon of the nail world...can't go Wrong putting on everything...You did awesome!


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