Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Arsty Wednesday: Frame nails

The theme this week is frame nails. There are a couple of different ways to achieve this look from what I've seen. I tried using couple of different polish from the spring OPI Spiderman collection for this week's manicure.

I don't think metallics were the best choice here. The blue was sheer and didn't cover well.  It showed every imperfection on my nail and each brush stroke. The base is Into the Night and the green is Just Spotted a Lizard.   I used loose gold hex glitter to frame it in. 

Have you tried frame nails? How did it turn out?

Here's the list off all the Artsy Wednesday participants: 

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Melanie - Nail & Polish 
Jessica - Beauty Gnome
Catrine - Unnaked Nails
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Emily - Anaccentnail

Thanks for reading!


  1. wow! that looks fab! stunning! love the spiderman collection xxx

    1. Thank you! I won a set of minis in a giveaway!

  2. That blue is gorgeous in the I'm glad i didn't get it...but you made it work. I actually like this combo together.these nails are giving off a cool gypsy vibe to me.

    1. The blue was a little thin. The downside to these chromes is they show every imperfection. :(

  3. This is so beautiful!!! I love it! :D

  4. Gorgeous! So rich and luxurious looking :)

  5. The colour combination is gorgeous! Our group went a bit hex-happy this week haha :)


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