Tuesday, August 14, 2012

365 Days of Color: End of the Rainbow collection swatches and review

The upcoming collection from 365 Days of Color is yet another colorful collection featuring five colors total. It consists of four glittery jelly cremes and one glitter polish that can be worn alone or layered.  All feature mutli-colored rainbow glitter mixes which is something I've been wishing for in a polish for a long time now!

The colors include: 

From left to right: Soak up the Sun, My Little Cuppycake, Too Pink to Function, Head Peach in Charge and Glittercide.

Backside bottle shot to show the glitter.

All swatch photos are taken with flash then under artificial lighting (click to enlarge): 

365 Days of Color Soak up the Sun.  This has various shapes of glitter in a light yellow green creme base.  It has a very fine silver glitter to add shimmer as well.  I really liked the larger square glitter and the black hex glitter in this mix. 

365 Days of Color My Little Cuppycake.  This is one that caught my eye the most.  It has multicolored glitter hexes with small red circle glitter as well as rainbow shard glitter in a white base.  I couldn't stop thinking about frosting while wearing this.  Nails good enough to eat!  Doesn't it look like Funfetti cake mix? 

365 Days of Color Too Pink to Function. It's a soft baby pink base with multicolored hexes, squares as well as purple, green and red micro glitter. Too Pink to Function also has blue shimmer. Beautiful!

365 Days of Color Head Peach in Charge.  This is a peach/nude base with small circle glitter and silver micro glitter.  I think this one would be the most wearable in an office setting (where I work.)  It's subtle due to the peach base but still sparkles.

365 Days of Color Glittercide over Fingerpaints Tiffany Imposter.  Glittercide can be worn alone to full opacity in two-three coats but I decided to layer it.  This was two coats.  It's the same glitter mix in Head Peach in Charge but in a clear base.  I love these smaller circle glitters.  They can add sparkle yet are easy to remove.  

Final thoughts?

This collection is awesome! I loved them all! The polishes with the creme bases all had a varying mix of rainbow glitters ranging from squares to hexes to shard glitter in different sizes. All were unique! These were opaque in three coats and the glitter laid flat and was not chunky or gritty. I used regular topcoat to smooth them out and did not require a coat of Poshé. There was an even disbursement of glitters and I didn't have to "fish" for a certain shape of glitter to get it on my nail.    

As always, I used the felt method or foil method for easy removal.


The End of the Rainbow collection will be available this Friday, August 17th. Please follow 365 Days of Color Facebook page or blog when the Big Cartel opens. These will be available in full size $8.00 USD or mini size $4.50 USD.

Which colors will you be picking up?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. They are gorgeous, but the three first are stunning - woow...

  2. Cute polishes! I really love them all but My Little Cuppycake is my favorite!

  3. These are all super pretty! Great swatches!


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