Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Picture Polish Do you Wanna See my Peacock + peacocks

Eventually, I'm going to swatch the whole Picture Polish Opulence Collection, I promise.  The thing is I like to wear the polish versus swatch and post it. So my swatches are slow coming. Some days I have swatch-a-thons, some days I don't.

Here's Picture Polish Do you Wanna see my Peacock?

Picture Polish Do you Wanna See my Peacock? It is a green microglitter in a purple jelly base. It could have used one more coat to get a more even disbursement of green glitter.  Seen here with top coat taken with flash. 

I stamped peacocks from BM-15. I liked how they turned out but I'd like revisit peacock nail art down the line. 

Look how pretty he is! 

Stay tuned for Artsy Wednesday.  This week's theme is matte/glossy. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Haha now that damn Katy Perry song is playing in my head! Cool color though. It definitely reminds me of a peacock.

  2. Beautiful color and gorgeous stamping! :)

  3. Wow!!! The background colour is gorgeous.


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