Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ozotic Pro 521

It was unfortunate to hear that Picture Polish was discontinuing the 500 and 600 Ozotic series.  I was able to get a couple of the shades on sale and picked up 521 through a blog sale.

Ozotic 521 is a vibrant duochrome that shifts from purple to red to orange to gold. Most of the time it's this vibrant blue based purple but once different lighting hits it, you can see the color shift. The formula on this was a tad slow drying. I did smudge it but I was able to smooth it out with another coat and a coat of top coat.

You can see the color shift here. 

It looks completely gold at extreme angles.  Please excuse the crappy lighting and photo.  Also, the closest dupe I can think of is Nubar's Iris Dust.


The Ozotic shades that are being discontinued are on sale now at Picture Polish site or Ninjapolish.com.  Please be sure to pick some up while supplies last.  

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