Monday, July 23, 2012

How to remove dark colors without staining your cuticles

Here's a quick tutorial I wrote up as a guest post for DIY Polish.   Please be sure to check her out.  She does some amazing nail art!  My tutorial is how to remove dark nail polish without staining your cuticles.

I'm wearing Picture Polish Monroe, a dark blood red burgundy with holographic sparkles.  As you may know, the usual method of removing colors is to use a back and forth scrubbing method.  This can cause staining if you are wearing a dark color such as this vampy red.  First, you will want to moisturize your cuticles with a either some lotion or cuticle oil. 

 Saturate your cotton pad with remover and place in one your nail.  You'll want just a small amount of cotton or the remover reabsorb into the cotton if you use too much.  Here I cut up a cotton round into quarters.  My preferred nail polish remover is Zoya's Remove +. 

Wait about 5 minutes and press down and pull off the cotton.  You don't want to wait too long or the remover will evaporate making the cotton harder to remove.  The fibers will get stuck on your nail. 

Most of the polish has come off and no stained cuticles! Repeat on all nails, wash your hands and moisturize again.  If you want to start a new manicure, prep your nails again with some remover to remove all oil.  Overall, I use this method every time I need to remove my polish.  It saves on cotton rounds and doesn't dry out my cuticles using the scrubbing method. 

I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful.  This same method could be used to remove glitter which we all know can be difficult to remove. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks Ms. Lizard - I hate taking colours off to find that they turn my skin and cuticles around my nail the nail polish colour :( I will be trying this out for my regular polish changes :) Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. So usefull! Although, you waste too much polish remover, right?

    1. I think just the opposite. You're allowing the remover to dissolve the polish and swiping it off. Again this was a tutorial I did, you can use whatever removal method you prefer.

  3. I so this all the time, just much easier to do. I don't however, moisturize before I take it off, haven't thought to. Now I'm wondering why I've never thought of it before. I'm sure my skin will live it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it!! I did my nails last night and found that using the scrubbing method actually hurt my cuticles :(


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