Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Ruffian Manicure

The theme for this week is the ruffian manicure. It was made popular a couple of years ago; it's not quite a half moon manicure or a funky french. It's painting your base color and then painting a contrasting color in a "U" swoop. The first ruffian was a gold chrome base with a dark indigo blue then mattified. You can use any contrasting colors for a ruffian.

Here was my first and only attempt at a ruffian:

It's harder to paint than I thought. The base is China Glaze Refreshmint and the dark purple is Wet n Wild Disturbia.

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  1. Interesting color choice, really makes the design stand out! :)

  2. Interesting color combo - very dramatic effect!

  3. That looks really cool Ms. Lizard! I think I like that better than half-moons.

  4. I like it! The colors you chose are kind of interesting together.

  5. Thx everyone. This is my first attempt. Something I wanted to try. It's harder to paint than you might think.

    1. I've tried it twice. Both times I said "forget this" and did something else. So I understand it being difficult.

  6. I love it! Your nails are stunning! :)

  7. I was harder than I thought too...I don't see myself being super excited to do it again..but I do love that dark vampy purple on you!

  8. Ashley Pashley- Looks amazing for your first try!

  9. It was harder then I thought too! I took a long time trying to perfect my curve.

  10. this looks stunning! It took me a while to do this look as well!

  11. Disturbia looks amazing on your nails! I agree, ruffians are harder to do than I expected... hence why I hid mine with studs ;)

  12. LOVE the colour combo of this! xx


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