Monday, June 4, 2012

Holographics cont. OPI DS Extravagance and Coronation

Annoyed and I couldn't figure out what to wear I grabbed OPI DS Extravagance out of my helmer.  This is from their 2008 Designer Series release.

OPI DS Extravagance. A rich plum purple with slight holographic effect. See that glowy holo on my pinkie? This is how the polish glows under the sun. My camera couldn't pick it up.

You can see the holo effect here

Here's an old photo of Coronation from the same collection:

OPI DS Coronation. It's a silver with a scattered holographic effect. It was opaque in 3-coats. This was the longest wearing manicure I've worn. I wore this for 8 days! I got sick. Luckily, I had sparkily nails to keep me entertained.


You can see the holo shift here. 

Though these holos are not as linear as the China Glaze OMGs or the Layla holographics, these are still really nice colors. Some holographics dull under artificial lighthing and become rather drab. These OPIs remain shimmery and glowy under regular lighting which I like.

I was able to find these in a couple of different beauty shops that sold OPI. I think they can found online for relatively reasonable prices. Unfortunately, the most recent Designer Series release was not holographic.

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  1. Two iconic Classics! Thank for sharing.

    1. These are the only two from the DS line I own!

  2. I love both of those, Opi need to release more like it so I can get my hands on them! X :-)

  3. I have both these colours and love them! I remember DS Original being my very first holographic polish and I was in love! lol

    1. the first ones I got were the OMGs!


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