Friday, June 1, 2012

Holographic swatches: Layla Mercury Twilight and A England's Princess Tears

I'm sorry.  I feel I'm always behind with my swatches.  Here's a couple of holographic polishes I picked up while I was away studying.

Layla Mercury Twilight.  No baseboat, no topcoat.  4-coats.  This is probably the most holographic silver I own.  Pictures were all taken in full sunlight.  I did get some patchy application.  The directions say to not wear a basecoat or use an aqua basecoat designed for holographic polishes.  For more swatches of other silver holos I own, please click here.

Please excuse my writer's callus. 

A England's Princess Tears. It's a pale lilac holographic.  2-coats, no top coat.  Other bloggers say it's a holographic duochrome but I could not see the duochrome effect.  This picture here is taken with flash under artificial lighting.

Taken in full sun.

Under artificial lighting. 

Princess Tears applied well but the formula was slow drying.  I dinged my nail when I thought it was dry.  The holographic effect was barely visible in low light.  Though pretty, I was not impressed. 

I think I'm done buying holographic polishes for awhile now!  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Mercury Twilight is absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Really nice polishes! Don't feel like yr behind it's for a great cause & Im loving all these new posts :)

  3. They are both super duper gorgeous! x :-)

  4. thank you all for your kind words! Don't you love holos!


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