Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: 3D Nail Art

Sorry the week caught up to me again!  I've got nothing new. I was busy working on frankens all weekend.    Life will be hectic for me for the next month or so.  I need to find a new place to live and move!  I will try to keep up with Artsy Wednesday.

The theme this week is stick-on things.  3D Nail art is one of my favorites: 

These are 3D holo stars from Sallys. 

If you haven't entered my 4th of July manicure contest, rules are posted here.  Please I'd like everyone to try to enter!  Please share on your respective pages.

Here are the other bloggers participating in this challenge, please check out their interpretation: 

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Also, we're having a member leave the Artsy Wednesday group, Sofie.  She will be missed.  Please wish her well in her travels. She's flying to the States! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. What a lovely polish, which holo is it??
    The stars look great on it!

  2. man that is an impressively strong holo! Looks gorgeous

  3. Replies
    1. I like the little stars but they don't stick for very long.

  4. Ooh, the hollow-centred stars are really cute! I haven't seen them around in shops here in ages :)

    1. that sux. I got mine from a chain beauty supplier here.

  5. This is a link to different coloured caviar balls on ebay

    I thought you might not see my reply if i did it on my blog so i hope you dont mind i did it here :)

  6. this is really nice! v wearable too :) xx


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