Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ways to wear neons: Photo Tutorial

As you may know, wearing neons as a full manicure can be rather BRIGHT! As seen here:

Sinful Colors: Neon Melon, Summer Peach, Pink, Irish Green and Dream On (swatched with no undercoat, no topcoat).  True neons dry matte.  It's their nature.

Here's 4 different nail art techniques using neons which are great for any summer manicure/pedicure! 

Techniques used:  Patchwork mani, Gradient + animal print, Dotticure and a Funky French.

Now, this is meant to be a nail art tutorial NOT a full manicure.  Choose any one technique for a full manicure. 

Basic Supplies: 
  • A set of neons, a white and a silver polish.
  • Nail art stiper polishes
  • Cosmetic makeup sponges 
  • Any choice of glitters
  • Dotting tools or anything spherical to make dots i.e. bobby pin or match stick.
  • Optional: Konad plate M57
1st step paint your basecoat and undercoats and let dry: 

I used Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and the silver is Zoya's Trixie.  I went ahead and painted the french tip freehand using Summer Peach with white underneath.

Patchwork Mani: 

Paint a triangle. I used Sinful Colors nail art striper.
Make a swipe across by rolling your finger and holding the brush steady.

Paint the remaining triangles. Don't worry if you lines aren't perfect. 
I used OPI's Pink Friday and Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection.

Add lines with a striper polish. 

I added a coat of OPI's Save Me. I should have left it alone.
Now, you can use tape for this technique.  I never have any luck with tape. 
I'd rather freehand the lines.


Cut up a makeup sponge. 
Place a dab of polish on a palette or piece of scrap paper. 
Dab polish onto your sponge.
Dab onto your nail. 
Sponging is easy. The more tacky the polish, the better. It gives a better stipple effect.
Over-sponging can cause the color to come up. Apply just enough.
Clean up any polish on your skin with a Qtip dipped in remover.

Here I started with Sinful Colors Neon Melon. 
Don't cover completely with yellow.

I then sponged Sinful Colors Pink.
See how the pink reacted with the yellow to make orange?
I should have left it alone at this point. 

I sponged Sinful Colors Dream On over the yellow and it made it red. 
Now you can leave the gradient as is or I stamped leopard print over it.

Konad M57 with WnW Black Creme.
If you don't have a stamping kit, you can freehand the animal print by making dots and half-circles with a striper polish or toothpick. 

Neon Dotticure:

I painted dots with Whirlwind White using my dotting tool.

I applied over the white dots using Summer Peach, Pink and Neon Melon. 
The dots will look raised.  I applied a coat of Poshe to even them out. 

Funky French

No a Funky French doesn't mean it smells bad!  It means that it's a french tip manicure using non-traditional colors other than a white tip and a sheer base.  This is Summer Peach with China Glaze's Fairy Dust on top.
I like to freehand my french tips and yes I do both hands! 

French tip manicure guides can be found at the nail art section in any pharmacy or department store. 

Here's one of my fav. Funky Frenches (old photo):

The pink is China Glaze's Heli-Yum. My nail broke here; completely snapped off!
I'm wearing a fake nail so I didn't have to cut them down. Can you spot the fake?

Final Thoughts? 

These techniques are easy and are not that complicated! They don't require a lot of supplies.  Supplies can be found at any drugstore or department store for not a lot of money.  Please try one of these looks at home. They can be used with any color scheme to fit the season. If you need a video tutorial showing either one of these techniques in more detail, please let me know. Sponging was covered in my first nail art video.

Thanks for reading!


  1. great combination of colours and WOWZA they are bright neons! I think I need them LOL

    1. They are bright! The neon couldn't total capture in the photo. :/

  2. Great Tutorial, thanks for doing this! I really needed to see this.. I wanna try the gradient first i think. I have all those colors here but they'll be getting sent to a new home when my giveaway ends.. Looks like i'll be headed back to walgreens, too bad the sale's over. Lol.

    1. And Great tip about the fake nail! I can't believe i never thought of that! I'm gonna have to get a pack of fakes from walgreens too now :) THANKS <3

    2. I know fake nails might be frowned upon in the nail blogger world. Make sure you prep your nail well enough so the glue stays and the fake nail doesn't pop off. I then soaked it off after wearing it for a month.

      Could you spot the fake though?

  3. This is freaking amazing! & I have the same black striper as you...I feel special LOL xo

    1. It's a great striper but mines thickened after awhile. :/ I just bought it.


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