Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watercolor nails

I tried watercolor nails for the first time to wear to my blogger luncheon this past weekend.  I wanted to match my shirt.

Here's the full manicure: 

I wanted it to have more colors than what was on my shirt. 

My new shirt. 

Here's a quick overview on how to achieve this look: 

This step here was a near match to my shirt. 
First, paint your nails white and add a quick dry topcoat. I used Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and Poshe quick dry top coat.
Add a dab of color. I used Orly Gumdrop first. 
Dip a medium sized paint brush in acetone and swirl the colors around. 
Lightly swirl. You don't want to disturb the basecolor. 

Add more colors as you see fit. 
This is American Apparel Cameo Blue. 
Add a topcoat when finished.

The completed manicure. Right hand

The completed manicure. Left hand

Colors used: American Apparel Cameo Blue, Orly Gumdrop, OPI Mermaid's Tears and Sally Hansen Just in Lime! 

This was wholly unintentional but my manicure looked a lot like my soap dispenser! 

What an odd thing to hold and photograph! 

I then wondered what it would look like holographic? 

This was one thin coat of Glitter Gal 3D Silver Holo.  Taken in full sun.

This reminds me of sparking ocean water.

I really liked the watercolor technique.  I worked for a long time to get the color scheme just right.  I would like to try different color schemes in the future.  I urge you to try watercolor nails.  It's very easy and gives great results!

Have you tried watercolor nails?  How did you like it? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh wow! This is really gorgeous! I need to try this sometime!

  2. Very Kool!!! love it
    Demetria of
    Demetria's Nail Biz

  3. This is awesome I love the colours, maybe I need to try this technique!

  4. These looked even better in person! You did such a great job - I hope mine can look this good the next time I try water coloring :)

  5. This looks really awesome! I need to try this sometime!


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