Monday, May 14, 2012

Sugar High Revisited: Konad Q1 Practice stamping & review

Awhile back, I bought the exclusive Konad Q1 plate by Konad UK.  It was only sold in the UK and was a limited edition fan designed plate.  I think this was released in 2010.  I bought this off eBay.

It has some of the cutest images I've ever seen! Unfortunately, I did see cheap copies of this sold on eBay for much cheaper than what I paid for it. Oh well, what can you do?

Here's some test stamping I did over my Sugar High purple mani:

I stamped yummy ice cream cones and a rainbow. Now the stars and the waffle print in the cones were hard to clearly stamp. I had to push the stamper in a straight downward motion to get them to come through clearly. I used s/p Konad white. My stamping polish has thickened over the years and I think that's why the finer designs didn't come through.

I stamped little birdes. Same issue, the lines were really fine and the polish dried too quickly. Their beaks didn't come through. This stamp was hard to position hence the upside down birdie. I had to remove a couple of the birds and redo them. This stamping was done with SH Whirlwind White. I either need more practice or use the birds to make custom nail sticker.

Final thoughts?

I really like the Konad Q1 plate. It has some of the cutest designs I've ever seen. I wish some of the plates sold here had more cutesy designs. I'm disappointed that the smaller images were hard to pick up and stamp. I should have known that when I bought it. Also it was a hot sunny day and the warm temp. likely contributed to my polish drying too quickly. There's a new double stamper that has the stamper/scraper in one and it will allow you to stamp more quickly. I'd like to get one soon.

This plate was limited edition but through some searching on eBay there's a cheaper unauthorized copy (buy at your own risk.)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like the icecream cones. I've just ordered some plates from Bundle Monster, really looking forward to having a good stamping session! X :-)


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