Saturday, May 19, 2012

OPI Pink Friday + glitter layering

I broke down and bought the mini set of the Nicki Minaj polishes since I didn't win the Nails 4 Life nail art contest.  The colors weren't really that unique.  I just really wanted them for some reason!

Here's Pink Friday: 

OPI Pink Friday. This is a standard baby/bubblegum pink.  A tad more pink than in this photo.  The lighting washed it out a bit.  It applied a little streaky but I think this was due to the mini brush.  It was fully opaque in 3-coats, no top coat. 
I applied one coat of Pretty & Polished Hello Dolly: 

Pretty & Polished Hello Dolly is an indie polish with a mix of large/small white hexes, large pink hexes, smaller purple hexes and purple holographic glitter.  A very girly mix! A nice complement to Pink Friday. The larger glitters sank to the bottom.  I dug them out with a toothpick.  Please check her Etsy page for availability.

Here's what Pink Friday looked like with 1-coat of Save Me: 

OPI Save Me has fine silver glitter with blue and silver holographic bar glitter.  The glitter was easy to place and smoothed out with top coat.   I liked the fact the major nail polish companies released a bar glitter polish all around the same time.  We need more bar glitter! 

That's it. Those are some really pink and really girly glitter combos.

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  1. Hi there I'm a new follower. Both of those combo's are really pretty x :-)


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