Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm sorry Lynnderella, please accept my apologies

I couldn't buy your highly sought after and nearly impossible to buy Connect the Dots...I had to dupe it!  Connect the Dots has been one my biggest lemmings forever now!  It's going on Evil Bay for $50-$200.  Instead, I bought the glitters to make a close dupe!  I'm sorry.

2-coats swatched over American Apparel Cameo Blue

Here's my first attempt seen here in the afternoon sun.  Cameo Blue looks most color accurate here.

Here's the second attempt photographed under artificial light.  This is 1-coat, no top coat.

 2-coats with top coat.

How I mixed it?
All frankening supplies can be found on TKBTrading.com.  It's a supplier for people interested in making their own soaps, makeup, fragrances and nail polish.  It's open to the public, anyone can order.  I bought the glitters that make up Connect the Dots, the black/white hexes and string glitter.  Yes, when it was all said and done the initial start up was quite costly.

Basic Frankening Supplies:
  • Glitter Suspension Base
  • Glitters/pigments
  • Empty Nail Polish Bottles
  • Steel plated ball bearings to mix the polish
  • Patience and skill. 

I know custom frankening might not be your thing.  Please below for similar colors from other indie sellers: 
  • Sticks n Stones by Cover Band
  • Dots n Stripes by SparklesbyJulie
  • Spotty Dottie Light by All That Glitters
  • Spotty Dottie Dark by All That Glitters
  • Valentino by Pretty & Polished
Some of these might be out of stock but are easier to obtain than a Lynnderella. 

Again, it was not my intention to infringe on Lynnderella's original creation. I'm not going to sell these as Connect the Dots dupes. This was a challenge to myself to see if I could franken and dupe Connect the Dots in which I had a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting!

I will have a more in-depth post about frankening and how to create a glitter mix.  Let me know if you'd like it in video format or not. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. OH wow, you did really well, I LOVE the result, please let Santa bring me thee extra bottle you have, preferably before Christmas LOL

  2. I think you did a great job. I'd love to see your video tutorial! I'm a big DIY person. I think the Lynnderella's are beautiful, but the lengths people are going to are a big crazy to get ahold of them. They say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    1. It's insane and one site was offering "replica" Lynnderellas. I hope ppl weren't getting ripped off. I'd say this is the easiest route to get a Lynn.

  3. I would love to see a video tut - just for fun. I'm not talented enough to do it myself. Are you going to sell some? I am another who will never own a Lynnderella, no matter how much I might wish to! :)

    1. I might down the line. It's the suspension base that's the most costly and hard to obtain.

  4. I love it! I love all black & white glitters, even if they don't look like CtD. I'm actually surprised as hell that no big name company has started putting out b&w glitters.

    1. :Reverential gasp: o hunny.

      This is amazeballs. I would love to learn how you made it. No disrespect to Lynn but the fact remains that her polish is super duper hard to get your hands on and I simply adore Connect the Dots. I'll try one day soon to make it too.

  5. Lush Lacquer's Salt N' Peppa is a pretty awesome Connect the Dots look alike as well, but with glitter added! They also tend to always be in stock... those ladies must be working like crazy because they're almost at 1200 sales in like a month and I never see anything sold out :O

    I'd love more info about frankening! I don't really tend to watch videos though, so either typed or both would get my vote!

  6. We want Lizard Cam! Video for sure I'd be excited to watch and learn.

    Well done on this attempt you have really hit it girl xoxoxoxoxox

  7. Cool....Love the concept!!!
    Demetria's Nail Biz

  8. I'd bsolutely Love to see a video tutorial or even an in depth photo tutorial.. I bought all the supplies to make some a few weeks ago.still need the ball bearings tho.. but the stuff is just sitting on top of my fridge cause i haven't had it in my to tackle such a task yet. lol. but you've definitely given me some much needed inspiration :)

    1. oops ^Absolutely^ LOL. and me not my..typing too fast. :)


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