Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: SKITTLES!

Skittles can mean the candy but in the nail world Skittles mean painting your nails a different color.  Sometimes I can't decide on a color and paint each hand a different color.  I do this often.  People must think I'm weird.

I wanted shimmery Skittles for this manicure:

Colors used (from Pinky to Index): Blackheart Violet Tendencies (Hot Topic brand), Zoya Apple, Tanzy and Kimmy from last year's summer collection.

**On a technical note, I broke 2 nails on my left hand.  I'm trying not to expose it to too much remover.  That's why posts are with my right hand and my nasty writing callus.  -sorry-  I debating a file down. 

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  1. Oh I loooove this, Im having a shimmer moment lately! I do the same as you with diff colour polishes on each hand, most ppl are used to this weirdness of mine by now haha :)

  2. Pretty colour combo! They're similar colours to the ones that came out in the ulta3 Autumn Molten Metallics collection, which were gorgeous colours but with terribly streaky formulas. These would make great alternatives I think :)

    I love doing each hand a different colour too, but I agree, I'm sure people look at me funny :\

    Last night I discovered that a blunt cuticle trimmer is great for shaving down callouses! Softening them in water means that the blunt blade just shaves away the dead skin and you don't hurt yourself. I'm too scared to try with a sharp one!

  3. love the shimmer colour combo! i would never put these together but wow they really work! uve inspired me! xx

  4. The colors and finish work very well together, love it!

  5. Your shimmery skittles look great! :)

  6. Love the shimmer! Great colours used :)


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