Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artsy Wednesday: Greyscale mani dedicated to my CAT!

This week's nail art challenge is a greyscale mani!  My cat is grey.  I love my cat.  Here's a manicure dedicated to him.


I spend more time with my cat than I do anyone else!  I've sacrificed a lot us to be together! I don't regret a thing!  That's all I got to say about that!

Base: OPIs Skull and Glossbones with Essie Chinchilly on top to make a half-moon.
Stamp: Hello Kitty Stamp

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Thanks for reading!

Do you have any fur-babies?

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  1. What a great inspiration You have...he is gorgeous & the chinchilla is perfect here! Hello Mr.Kitty!

  2. Love the Hello Kitty stamp art <3 and the color selection <3 <3

  3. i have 5 fur babies... big labradors and they're my babies. love ur mani... it's so precise! lovely! xxx

  4. I have a friend that just adores Hello Kitty. She would be in love with your sophisticated take on the pink and white furry! I love your cat too. He looks like he is less than thrilled to be your model, though! :)

  5. It's lovely, and your greyscale live cat is so too LOL

  6. I love this! Goes so great w/Mr. Handsome! What a love!

  7. So cute!! The mani and of course your adorable cat!

  8. Awwww HK looks fantastic in gresyscale! Love that you used S&GB too :) Give yr kitty a scratch from me :)

  9. Perfect stamping, S&GK is always a winner in my book! :) Your furbaby is adorable!!!

  10. I LOVE THIS!!! I LOVE THIS!!! I can't say that enough!!

    1. thank you. Mr. Kitty says thanks too!


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