Monday, April 2, 2012

OPI NYC Ballet Softshades Spring 2012 Collection: Swatches and Review

This year's OPI softshades release is inspired by the NYC ballet.  I picked up the mini set!  There's five shades total that are all a sheer jelly finish plus a glitter top coat.  The mini set has three of the colors as well as a mini of the glitter top coat, Pirouette my Whistle.

Now onto the swatches! 

OPI My Pointe Exactly.  A blue-grey jelly.  This was 6-coats coats, no top coat!  

OPI Care to Danse? A lavender-pink jelly.  Looks more pink here.  This was 5-6 coats, no top coat.

OPI Don't Touch my Tutu!  A milky white jelly.  Thinner than Essie's Marshmallow but still really squishy!  I love it! This was also 5-6 coats to full opacity, no top coat. 

It also comes with a glitter top coat.  Here are the shades layered:

In regular lighting

With flash

OPI Pirouette my Whistle over My Pointe Exactly.  This was one coat.  Pirouette my Whistle has fine silver glitter with sheer white hex glitters.  Very shimmery and subtle.  A great compliment to the jellies.  The hex glitter was easy to distribute and it was enough to cover in one coat.  I like an even disbursement of hex glitter because I LOVE hex glitter! I love white hex glitter more!  This satisfied my lemming for the Painted Nail's Moon Drops.

In regular lighting

With flash

OPI Pirouette my Whistle over Care to Danse? One coat again. This combo looks like Revlon's Starry Pink, a baby-pink with white hex glitters.

In regular lighting

With flash

OPI Pirouette my Whistle over Don't Touch my Tutu! One coat.

Since these are sheer, they are great for someone looking for splash of color:

2-coats of Care to Danse?

2-coats of Don't Touch my Tutu! 

Final Thoughts?

Yes, these are sheer jellies.  They're meant to take many coats to full opacity but gives a high gloss shine. Shinier than just using top coat.  The jelly finish gives a different dimension than wearing a simple creme.  I can't describe it.  I love these colors.  They're very soft and wearable even though they're sheer the jelly aspect made them awesome!

Also, since these are sheer.  Any nail stains will show through.  Try a lemon treatment before applying.  :)   

The application on these was not troublesome and the dry time was great considering as many coats I did.  Now, if my nails were shorter, I could have got away with 3-coats but at this length I did double the number of coats to avoid VNL (visible nail line).  It was hard controlling the small brush in the mini bottle, I ended up using a spare nail polish brush to apply it better.  Otherwise, it would streak.  Jellies do require careful application to get even coats which might annoy a first-time polisher. 

Overall, I'd recommend the mini set to anyone wanting to try jellies, you'd definitely get a few manis out of it depending on how opaque you want your coats.  If I had to get a full size, I'd get Care to Danse? and I bought a full size of Pirouette my Whistle because it's too pretty! 

I bought this set from a beauty supply place that sells OPI, please note that OPI pulled all rights for eTailers to sell and distribute OPI products due to tampering of their products to sell at a lower price point.  So if you find a website selling OPI, buy at your own risk!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great swatches. These are not for me, but fortunately a lot of girls will love them :)

  2. LOVE these!!!

    nominated you for an award!


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